World Weirdness Days and How to Maximise Them!

You know in these weird home-bound times it’s actually really easy to forget that there’s a whole world out there. From my balcony, the quiet streets and empty roads have us feeling that life is on hold and for how long none of us know. Our world used to be full of crazy people doing crazy questionable stuff. It was full of boundless and surprising action and now we have to recreate that action in such limited ways and confined spaces that we merely have to get creative. So I’m in pursuit of that kind of energy today. I know that weird and wacky world is just on hold and in some cases is still playing out behind closed doors, so I thought this week we would seek it out for ourselves.

I came across an article about unusual calendar holidays and thought we could brighten up our quarantined life by celebrating a few.

Here’s what we have coming up over the next few months. So get your pencil out and get adding your favourites to your family planner or even open that Google calendar App because some of these are clearly worth celebrating.

June 4th

Leave the Office Early Day: #LeaveTheOfficeEarlyDay

clock out
Clocking out

This one is a cruel joke as I’m pretty sure right now is ‘no-office day’ but if you are back at work you may want to brandish this one around as you clock out mid-afternoon!


June 5th

World Doughnut Day: #NationalDoughnutDay

Tim Horton’s drive-throughs are gonna be busy this day!

Next up warghhhh! National Doughnut Day – no caption needed. All we hear is doughnuts and that’s good enough for us!


June 8th

Best Friend Day: #NationalBestFriendsDay

Aww Besties Day!

I LOVE this holiday and now I know it exists I am already planning on how to celebrate my amazing friends to make them feel loved, especially now when we aren’t able to catch up face to face.

June 30

Social Media Day: #SMDay

We salute you today Mr Social Media!

I’m pretty sure that the title of this should be Will Janssen Day! Thank you Willy face for all your hard work on our social media platforms. You’re a trooper and your piano skills are not too shabby either!

Now July looks particularly happy!

July 1

Joke Day: #InternationalJokeDay

dad joke
Calling all Dads!

This could be like ‘National Dad Day’ to be honest! So here’s to all the dads and their crappy jokes that make us groan, but still make us laugh!

July 7

World Chocolate Day: #WorldChocolateDay

chocolate strawberries
Does it count as healthy if you slather your strawberries in chocolate? Asking for a friend!

Hallelujah! This could out do National Doughnut Day for me. Yes please…all of the chocolate all the day long! Chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, chocolate pancakes…you get the picture…roll on National Obesity Day!

July 10

Pina Colada Day: #NationalPinaColadaDay

poolside pina colada
I am sooo on this one!

My July is looking sweet! Swiftly following National Chocolate Day is my next favourite holiday of the year. Now these bad boys are my usual hotel pool day treat, but I’ll break the rules this year and blow up a paddling pool on my balcony and just day dream I’m doing it the right way! Yum!

July 13

French Fry Day: #NationalFrenchFryDay

french fries

July should just be named ‘National Let’s Gorge Ourselves Month’!

July 20

Moon Day: #NationalMoonDay

What a beaut!

Well I do love the moon and thankfully it’s not edible so we get a break from all of these food and drink inspired holidays. July the 20th can just be one of quiet awe at the beautiful moon, reflection and peace ahhhhh!

The moon signifies new beginnings and the circle of life. The moon connects us to our emotions. It draws the earths water and as our bodies are made of 70 percent water we are ultimately effected physically and mentally by the moon, so they say. Also she is very, very pretty especially when she’s in her fullest form.

July 24

Cousins Day: #NationalCousinsDay


Much like ‘National Best Friends Day’ this is a holiday of appreciation and as most of our first best friends are our cousins it’s only fitting they too get a day to be celebrated. I have a whole heap of very close cousins and being an only child they ended up being the siblings I never had.

Ok I think that’s quite enough planned weirdness for one day, but now that you are in the know it’s time to get organising your calendar highlights now.


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