No Ordinary Heroes

This is going to be a very different kind of blog today. It’s going to be very short and pretty serious, but have a purpose and a lot of heart. We wanted to do a special entry in to our blogging journal to mark the heroism of the essential workers. We wanted to play our part in their well deserved appreciation, however small that effort may seem.

Ray Grenkow (pilot), Alan Mart (RN), Melanie Veira (ACP Paramedic), Kelsey Penner (RN) STAR-7, Winnipeg MB, Canada

It’s a strange thing to know that millions of strangers all across the world are out there putting themselves in harms way for us everyday. They are facing this invisible foe every time they go to work whether that work is stocking a supermarket shelf, cleaning public places, policing those not obeying the rules, helping the vulnerable and afraid and of course the ones who actually know for sure that they are coming face to face with Covid-19 every time they enter the hospitals they are working in.

Ambulance Line-up of St. Boniface General Hospital ER - Winnipeg, MB, Canada

These super heroes are having to take on the emotional and physical strain of making life and death decisions for others whilst brushing so close to Coronavirus that they could be the next one in those beds in need of a respirator. I know we all know the danger they are in, but think about the reality of that. The actual reality of facing this threat everyday, seeing it take lives and rob people of their very breath and then knowing that in working to save those lives you are exposing yourself to the same fate. Now really think about it again. That is the most selfless thing anyone can ever do and we are all humbled by the sheer selflessness of it. We will never forget!

So to all of those people who are struggling to follow the rules and stay home, please just do it! Some days are worse or harder than others, but we owe it to them to accept responsibility for our actions and do the right thing. Turn on Netflix, bake a cake, read a book, hold a Zoom/Skype party with your friends, attend an online exercise class, cooking class or quiz and just stay the hell at home and do your bit. It’s something we can all do. If you’re feeling dangerously down then call a friend or family member and talk it out. Be brave and speak out. We are all in this together. The world has never been more united in feeling alone so we can do it together and we all understand. There is a lot of love out there if you know where to look.


Now some of you may have seen our activation for the essential workers. We have been loving all of the musical offerings of morale all over the world and felt like that was something we could contribute to. We enlisted help from anyone and everyone willing to forward us a picture of their frontline working heroes. Family and friends sent us in photographs and names of anyone they knew who they wanted to thank and we pulled them all together in a musical tribute with the audio from one of our songs “No Ordinary Hero.” The title speaks for itself, so here is our offering:





If there is anyone you want to thank, please feel free to use our song. Share it, tag your heroes and use the hashtags #CallingAllHeroes, #StayHome and #ThankYouHeroes.

In this way you are helping us pay tribute to all of those keeping us safe, fed and sane in these crazy times.

Stay home and stay safe.

Thank you,


The Boxtones

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