Isolation Oddities – Our New Weirdness!

If there is one thing in the entire universe you know, it is yourself. Surely no one knows you better than you! We may think that we know ourselves inside out, but I’m here to argue that we are all filled to the brim with hidden weirdness. Just under the surface are surprisingly odd and new sections of our personality that are even hidden from our own psyche. Now that lockdown has thrown us in to a sort of solitary/family confinement, all sorts of wackiness is coming out of the woodwork.

Now that we have all this extra time to reflect, and now that our hours are stretching out in front of us whilst the world is on standby, we are learning about parts of our behaviour that we never would have found otherwise. 

For example, who knew I was such a creature of habit? I literally eat the same lunch daily, prepared in the same identical way.  

Additionally, I write lists all the day long. Shopping lists, accountability lists, lists for Rosie and home improvement lists. Board making has also now become a thing to help me gain control and be more productive. There are meal planning boards, exercise tracking boards, vision boards and activity boards for both Rosie and I. It is endless! 

Vision boarding!


I have also found that I compete with myself a lot. What a freaky weirdo I am. I literally give myself challenges all day, like racing myself to read chapters before some pre-determined time! Or making it to the lounge before someone comes out of another room! It reminds me of the way as a kid I would play myself at a board game on occasion. I would try to win so badly that I’d even go as far as cheating so that the real me won over the ‘other me’! No? No one else? Ok looks like I’ve always been weird…or maybe it’s an only child thing! (Please someone comment they did too, or I may have to check myself in somewhere!)

Look I did warn you in the title that this was going to get weird. Let’s hope some of my band mates are equally as odd!


Look at that little face!


“Our son Luke was only 10 months old when lockdown started here in Dubai. He is now 14 months and these past few months have been a big learning curve for us as new parents. So much happens and changes around the 1 year mark, so we have to find the positive in this situation and are grateful that we both get to spend so much time with Luke and watch him grow into a little man! I have constantly been learning over these past few months just how to be a mum, and it ain’t easy! I became a bit of a ‘Google-addict’ at one point and I do believe there can be such a thing as ’too much information.’ So, I have been avoiding looking up a lot of things (every baby is so different and Google can be scary) and am learning to take Luke’s lead and I’m just enjoying every new developmental stage with him”. 

Ok Gill – keeping it fairly normal.  I think we can all relate to the pull of Google. Come on Will, match my oddities please.


“What have I learned about myself during self isolation / lockdown?

I have been eating better for starters! There’s nothing that can top a home cooked meal and I am truly spoiled to be married to someone who loves to cook! Instead of eating pub food 3-4 nights a week, a healthier diet option is the way to go!

I also find that when you are home ALL THE TIME, cleaning becomes something I do as often as I can – especially if we’re moving about, chasing our son Luke all over the place (crawling fast and soon to be walking so it’s only going to get worse) and the floors are dust and dirt collectors. We’re even thinking of buying a new super, wireless super Hoover because I’m constantly working on the floors – and it’s time for an upgrade!

And something else I’ve noticed about myself during the past half a year…I’m spending less and less time working in my home office (also known as the cat’s den). Because we aren’t working in the evenings, I get to spend home-time with our son Luke! This means we can enjoy dinner together, go for a splash on our balcony during sunset, enjoy bath time and generally bond before the wee man goes to sleep. Once the band and I are back to work, that time will be reserved for getting ready for a night of live music, so I am enjoying it while I can!”

Will honing his dad skills!


Hoover buying chat?  That’s a weirdness fail Janssen. Let’s see what Jean has been cooking in his freaky little kitchen of bizzaro!


“Whoa! This is a pretty loaded topic. I think I’ll keep it simple. 

I’ve always been a neat freak, but have noticed my OCD has kicked up a couple of notches. I clean absolutely everything, and I mean everything! Like things I didn’t bother washing or cleaning before (I’m sure many are in the same boat since this pandemic hit). I don’t put anything away or come into the house without it being washed thoroughly. Things like veg and fruit, I used to just use water, (nope)! Now I use soap and water and if it’s not washable I’ll wipe it down with alcohol, even a package from Amazon before I open it and then wipe down the contents inside! I’m sure there are others out there doing the same, including the other Boxtonians. 

Another thing I was aware of before this but has just become more apparent, is that I cannot stay still at all, even when I sleep. I either have to be up and moving or when I’m sitting down my legs and feet are constantly tapping. It’s funny and seems to annoy anyone around me, oh well!

One last thing, my mind is constantly racing, whether it’s productive or not…it just keeps going and going!”

Yup washing veggies with soap and water is pretty odd and rat-at-tatting your limbs all the hours of the day would find you served with a big velcro wall and a matching jumpsuit. I would then splat you on to said wall and leave you there itching to tap but unable to defeat the restraints for the duration of the day! Keep that ‘up-and-down-ing knee action’ to your own jittering sofas please Jean!


“Well other than gaining repetitive strain on my thumb from too many hours on ‘The Last of Us’ on the Xbox, my weirdness is still in hiding.

I have realized though, that I never spent enough time inside my own head. Always worrying about others, making sure clients were getting the right service, worrying about the business and being less creative. I’ve managed to write a whole album during quarantine, finish up some long overdue art, graphic and video projects, and find interesting ways to deliver our art to the public. I’ve kept a healthy relationship with important key industry outfits in the region, and helped to be a productive member of the creative community by giving my insight and opinions on the “new norm” in a collective group. Weird? – Not much, rediscovered my passion for music? – 100%.

Oh wait, I do have some random sleep patterns where I’m up in the night and down for naps in the early evening then back up till the wee small hours. It could be that I’m not having normal sleep, since apparently I’ve been shouting out random words and talking loads in the night. 

Throw backs to previous nap times when the boys would nap together but Gary got confused about where the bed should be!

I have also been told after my weird night’s sleep that I look like Jack Nicholson when I wake up! Luckily for everyone in my house, I don’t own an axe! Here’s Johnny!”    

So that’s it for us freaky weirdos, but don’t be shy – share your isolation oddities and give us a laugh! As they say;

 “There’s nowt so queer as folk!”

Until next week,

Stay safe.


The Boxtones 


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