Honorary Boxtones Kudos!

When you’re a musician the entire livelihood of your craft is based upon one thing; connection to your audience. So today we thought we would pay homage to our most hard working supporters whether that is dancing to every song, showing up to every live gig or Instagram Live, reposting our posts, introducing friends and strangers to our music or just being the best support in any way they know how.

We thought we would shine a light on those who have been propping us up all along. You guys are the best!

michelle, lynn
Will’s stepdad Dan, Gill and Gary’s mum Lynn, Gill, Will and his mum Michele with Big Papa Tone Tierney on the end

So first up a shout out to the mums! Sorry guys but I have to give them the first mention.  Our mums are always our biggest champions and that goes for everyone whether you’re a musician or an astronaut, and The Boxtones mums are no exception. So if you’ve seen any of our posts or videos you can bet The Boxtones mums were commenting away and tooting our trumpet to all who will listen! God bless their Mama Bear instincts, we love you all!

Jean and his mama Joanne

To Gwyneth Peel, Lynn Tierney, Michele Barr and Joanne Bedard, we salute you all for being the best mums ever!

Me and my Mama. Introducing Gwyneth Peel!


While we are on family members I can’t skip my sister Tansy and brother-in-law Manolo! Manolo in particular has taken it upon himself to tour the world introducing The Boxtones to people from Sri Lanka to Spain and everywhere in between on his travels. If Corona hadn’t hijacked the skies I have no doubt he’d be off somewhere else with his iPhone playlist ringing out Boxtones classics to anyone who would listen (and probably anyone who wouldn’t too). We love you Tansy and Manolo!

tansy and manolo
Tansy and Manolo on one of their Boxtones touting trails no doubt…somewhere exotic of course!

Now for Team Hardcore.

Tamara – We first met Tammi at one of our regular gigs. She always was and still is the life and soul of the party wherever she goes. Tam is at almost every gig and is known for her infamous table top dancing every time she hears the intro to “Sweet Child”. Very quickly she went from ‘Table Dancing Tam’ to being one of our very best friends. She’s definitely our Dubai based ‘Day One’!

Always full of mischief!

Tammi has featured in our music videos, has had her kids appear in our videos, has hosted parties where we have performed private gigs in her garden for her. The list goes on and on. One of our best days with Tammi was when we popped around to her house to do some underwater footage in her pool just for what was supposed to be a couple of hours! By the time we had staggered home it was the next day and let’s just say it took us a couple of days to recover. The well stocked bar and yummy Braii was our downfall. But thanks for the awesome memories!

@tammi_137 has sent in multiple videos of her son Cobi rocking out to “Drive Me Mad” and asking Mummy to play “Against the Odds” and she recently sent us a video of her daughter Jessa singing along to “Calling all Heroes”. These super cute kiddos are our favourite fans!


The infamous ‘back table’ have ever been big supporters so thank you Maria, Terri, Sam, Monty, Ian, Heather, Mellie, Paddy, Graham and John. We may have lost Monty from the back table in person but he and his wife Joyce have still proven to be still massive Boxtones supporters from back home in Scotland!

Let’s not forget the elusive Rupert for his epic and memorable dance moves and his incredible knack for turning up on the last song and demanding some Rage Against the Machine as a close to the night!

Iain and Christina we thank you guys for the unwavering support you have shown us by participating in music videos, loaning us your cars, playing the bodhran alongside us and generally being the best honorary Boxtones we could have asked for!

best fans
A rare night off when we bumped in to all of these awesome folks at Dubai Rugby Sevens. Gary, Iain and Rupert in the back & me, Christina and Sharon in the front!

DJ Nappa has always been a true gent sharing our musical offerings every where from his own gigs to his International Lockdown Quiz during these tough times. Thank you kindly Sir!

When it comes to Bahrain we really feel like we should probably thank the whole island for its support. To this day we have visitors to our Dubai shows who still talk about our beginnings in Bahrain. But most notably we need to honour our Bahrain buddy Adel. Adel was enjoying a particularly bad hangover during a trip to London sporting one of our Boxtones T-shirts when a random stranger pedalled past on his bike shouting “The Boxtones – Diplomat Brunch!”

Then we have Dancing Dave. Our Irish compatriot who was once riding a taxi in Croatia when our song came on the radio much to his shock. He then bugged the poor taxi driver the whole journey with every Boxtones picture in his phone and sang loudly along to the radio! What a gent!

kaz and kiley
Me and my favourite Cheerleaders Kaz and Kiley!

Next up are Kaz and Kiley; a couple of little legends. These two are like Boxtones cheerleaders spreading The Boxtones joy from South Africa to Portsmouth and making sure everyone they meet has heard of us.

Special mentions to Liz Forrest, Michelle Forrest, Maureen Delissen, Sharon McClean, Amy Cumming and Wendy Livingstone for the epic amounts of shares and calls to action on their pages too.

Over to you Will:

“Because my job is to constantly be on my phone or computer (this happens when one of your many jobs is to handle all of The Boxtones social media accounts), I notice a whole group of SUPERFANS and FOLLOWERS that are extremely supportive of our music. Just looking at Instagram, I can list off some individuals who have gone out of their way to create something cool and different.


@bittersweet_poison__ makes art of out of photos.


@jwaddilove17 even sings and records versions of our songs.


Another individual @starspangled7 hasn’t missed a single one of our IG live performances since lockdown began.


Even @tinarsss (we used to work with her back in the day) shares videos listening to our music on her travels and reached out to all of her friends with our “Calling all Heroes” campaign last April.


An old American military friend of mine from the Club Buffalo days, @waternchlorine is always sharing our music with others (and is constantly listening to ‘Home’ from his classic Thunderbird car in New York).


We even receive cute videos of our fans children singing and dancing along to our original tunes!

Alongside long time Boxtones supporter Tammy, we’ve also had @gregaperkin show us videos of his children dancing around to our music videos (latest one was of his daughter and toddler enjoying “Calling all Heroes”.”



Thanks Will!

Now before we hang up our praising gloves, we can’t forget to give one last hand in the air for Papa Tone. Yup big Brian Tierney has been The Boxtones Boss Man and not-so-silent partner since day one. We can never even hope to pay him back for the myriad of ways he has helped us out, so we will just give him the crown as Chief Boxtones Supporter, best shaky hand-held cameraman (sometimes filming himself) and the one who coined the infamous phrase “G’on Ye Boxtones”! If you’ve ever been to any of our gigs he’s the one in The Boxtones T-shirt chanting his catchphrase at every opportunity!  So a massive thank you Papa Tone, big loves and big respect to you for everything you have done.

Photo 13-10-2019, 1 46 13 AM

Phew, that was a lot! Please forgive us if we missed anyone out. We really appreciate every one of you and all the hardwork that you all put in to help us in the many ways you do. We are thankful for every share, play and person who shows up at any of our gigs. We literally could not do it without you!

Stay Safe


The Boxtones




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