Fictional Character Colleagues and how to Choose them!

This week I thought we could have a bit of fun. It’s been feeling a bit like groundhog day around here now that we are entering our 8th week of Covid-19 induced lockdown. The daily quarantine timetable is a little repetitive so I thought we could all use a bit of virtual escapism.

Of course all across the world there has been a spike in the amount of reading and TV watching everyone has been doing, so I thought we could use that inspiration for our next blog. I asked the band to have a think about a fictional character we think would be great at our job or one whose skills we could use to make our work life easier. There was one rule. That character needn’t be musical.

This is a game we can all play, so while you’re reading our weird and wacky choices have a think about who yours would be.



“I have 2 answers to this very important question…

dr s

If I were to choose someone to help me with my work, it would have to be Marvel’s Doctor Strange or Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. Bet you didn’t expect those 2 fictional characters to get picked did you? Well for good reason:


With my very time-consuming jobs (social media guru, the band’s marketing manager, company driver, a sort of influencer and full time Dad), I feel there are never enough hours in a day. I bust my ass day in and day out and still feel like my work is piling up over my head, or I go so far that I rarely take time off from my phone or brain. So because Doctor Strange can use the Time Stone and Hermione has the Time Turner, my problems would be solved! I’m dying to kick back and play some of my new video games that have been collecting dust since last Christmas.”



“I’ve always been into the more evil-aligned darker characters in D&D (Dungeons & Dragons), having played Raistlin throughout my teenage years, I’m going to pick a creature that was in the first printing of D&D’s ‘Deities & Demigods’ (1980); Cthulhu.

Despite being a God-like malevolent monster, how awesome would it be to resemble a giant tentacle-mouthed octopus, dragon, human form standing hundreds of meters tall, with a pair of wings on your back? Now I hate drum solos (much to my band’s dismay) – but imagine the drum solos!


Also Cthulhu is a water dweller and I do miss a bit of deep sea diving…but I think I may scare Luke though first thing in the morning!”


“Let’s see, there has been a character that I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately, Howard Roark, the protagonist in Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead.” He is a young architect that designs modernist buildings and refuses to cave in to or compromise his ideas and his work with an establishment unwilling to accept new ideas or innovation. I’ve never thought about this before, but when I was looking the character up I came across this description of him, “his name contains the words ‘hard’ and ‘roar,’ both of which accurately describe his tough, determined character.”

Howard Roark played by Gary Cooper in the 1949 movie adaptaion

I would like to sometimes think that I can relate to him and have some of his determination and willingness to try different things. This is exactly why I think it would be great to work alongside him. Though, he pretty much is a loner (because he is anti-establishment in the architect world), he might not want to work with anyone at first, but once I break that barrier, I think we could be an unstoppable force feeding off of each other and propelling each other forward. Not afraid to try something new or different, and if it doesn’t work, to pick up the pieces and continue to push forward until something sticks. I am referring to him as being a musician of course, but maybe, it could be the other way around, when I was younger (as in a young teenager) one of the first professions I thought of and was interested in was architecture. So maybe we could have a great time while everyone is “poo pooing” our innovative and maybe successful ideas.”

The Fountainhead


doc better

“Dr. Emmet Brown from Back to the Future – If you can get past his obvious disregard for the flow of time and altering the past, then this guy would be perfect. Made a bad choice? Go back and fix it.”

I think Dumbledore would have been a good choice for you Gary. He manages a school full of troublesome Witches and Wizards and has an eye on everything, so I’m pretty sure managing four other personalities would be a breeze for the Grandfather-like Headmaster!

dumble dore


Clearly Wonder Woman is my first choice as I’ve been obsessed with her since I used to watch those old 70’s re-runs as a kid. Elbows stretched wide and palms propping up my chin as I lay on my 8 year old tummy admiring Lynda Carter twirling around until a magic puff of smoke revealed her in dashing red and gold spandex. She was always poised and ready to battle the bad guys into submission! Gal Gadot was an awesome choice for the remakes and I was so happy they did those movies so well.

both ww

Wonder Woman would make an awesome lead singer. Twirling around to do awesome costume changes on stage, who needs lighting when all she has to do is bang her wrists together for a spectacular light show and although everyone knows how to dance the ‘lasso’, very few can boast using a real golden truth Lasso of Hestia!

ww lynda

I had a little trouble narrowing down the next option. I struggled for a while contemplating Miss Piggy as she definitely gets the job done with no sh*t taken from anyone, but I settled with Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy because ‘Mix Tapes, comedy gold and dance moves’ that’s why!


Can you think of anyone else that would be a good choice in taking our place or working alongside us?

Did you have a think of what fictional character you could have come up with in your own life?

Drop us a comment below and let us know.

Stay safe and stay home guys,


The Boxtones




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